The Risk of Being Vulnerable

I find when I share the subtitle of Unforced Rhythms, I either get a frown (hmmm, not sure what I think about this book) or raised eyebrows (ooh, I need to read this book!). The subtitle, Why Daily Devotions Aren't for All of Us, goes against the grain of Christian norms and expectations.

It carries the risk of being misunderstood before any pages are turned. 

IMG_2617 - Version 2.JPG

So, in the introductory chapter, I lead with my fears.

What will people think? About this? About that? About me? 

After listing out some of my fears, I share the one thing I fear the most. I fear readers will miss the point I hope to make: no matter what your life rhythm – daily, weekly/monthly, or seasonal/yearly – the desired outcome is spiritual growth that transforms us to be more like Jesus. But, there's even more to spiritual formation than that. It's not just about us. It's about others. 

Vulnerability does carry a risk, but it'll be well worth it for those who find freedom in the pages of this book.