Welcome to Unforced Rhythms!

Why a book about daily devotions? Can one element of what is deemed an exercise for spiritual growth take up the pages of one entire book?

Yes. Yes, it can.

As Keith Drury writes in the foreword, we have made daily devotions to be a sacrament.  If you’re not growing in your faith, well then, how are you doing at your daily devotions? We don’t ask, “Well, have you taken communion lately?”

One morning over brunch with my friend, Elizabeth, we chatted about this very thing. Sharing with someone about a struggle in life, the response she got was, “How are you doing at your quiet time, your daily time with God?” As if that’s the catchall answer.

Yes, there are those who find daily devotions to be a satisfying and a soul-filling practice, but not everyone fits into the daily mold.

Unforced Rhythms - Why Daily Devotions Aren't for All of Us will give freedom and permission for those, like myself, who for too long struggled with daily devotions. 

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