Not Fake News!

Eyewitness News! Written by: Luke

I’m not one for Advent devotionals. Can’t say I’ve ever followed through on one. That’s a seasonal/yearly person for you. But, in November I noticed and skimmed through a new devotional entitled, Arrival. Thank you, Emily Hines, for creating an engaging devotional for Advent. I’ve not been daily, but I have read through every day’s scripture reading, though it might be two or three day’s reading in one day, which by the way, is manageable. Each week there has been one or two significant reflections that continue to encourage and ground my faith.

For instance, when I read Luke 1 during the first week, I found several phrases caught my attention just going through the first four verses. 

Before Luke reports the story of Jesus, he affirms the following:

  • Eyewitness reports. 

  • A careful investigation of everything from the beginning. 

  • An accurate and trustworthy account.

  • Assures us that we can be certain of the truth in the pages of his account.

The story of Jesus is not fake news!

It’s true, tangible, and transforming!


The story of Jesus is a proven fact. Not fake news, but a reality that took place over 2,000 years ago, one for which I am eternally grateful!

A Year of Psalm 91

Early in January, Dennis and I had the opportunity to meet up with Global Partner leaders In Barbados. I know, not such a bad place to go in January! It wasn't the first time we had been on this gorgeous island. On a previous visit, we ask the National Superintendent (of the Wesleyan Church) and his wife if they used Fahrenheit or Celsius for their weather reading. They looked at each other considering the question. "We don't know. We never have to think about the weather." For those of us who live in the seasonal changes of summer to fall and fall to winter, can you imagine?! This little island, 21-miles long, 14-miles wide, stays a summery 70 to 88 degrees all year round. 

Since we were there over a Sunday, the leadership team spread out to preach in a number of churches across the island. Dennis and I enjoyed the vibrant Caribbean-style worship, and then I was so intrigued by what the congregation did prior to the message. The worship pastor had the congregation stand to recite a passage of scripture on the screen at the front of the church. One passage was from the Old Testament, and the other from the New Testament. These passages, he explained, were chosen as a declaration of their faith for the new year. They planned to read them every Sunday. 

As I took in the words of their Old Testament selection, Psalm 91, I decided right then and there, this was a passage I wanted to put to memory. Seasonal person that I am, I first thought I would memorize it over a 3-month period. Early on though, I decided to be creative with the passage, sketching an image that represented a set of verses, using my watercolor pencils to complete the picture. 

It has been a meaningful way to take in this Psalm, and it's going to take me the entire year to get through it. So, rather than a Psalm for a season, it has become the Psalm for 2017. That's a seasonal/yearly person for you.