Unforced Rhythms Spans the Generations

From millennials to retirees, the impact of Unforced Rhythms is making its mark. Much to my surprise, I am hearing from those who I thought might react to Life Rhythms.  I thought, perhaps, those who have been in the church for a long time might push back on something that goes against the grain of Christian standards. 

One retired couple reading it aloud on the 2,000 mile road trip to their winter haven in Arizona  sent me a message saying, "We are loving your book," asking to order three more copies for accountability friends. "When I read a few pages of the book before we left on the trip, I knew immediately he (her husband) would love the book." 

This is my hope and prayer, that all ages would be impacted by the message of Unforced Rhythms, and that it would be a book that both men and women would enjoy. I'm encouraged that 20% of my Instagram followers are men. And, the highest age span is 25–30. My favorite age group to connect with are young adults. Perhaps it's because my young adult years were so life-changing. It was in that season that the trajectory of my life was set.

I wrote the book with people in mind. I thought of my kids, all in their 30's, trusting that their hearts would resonate with the words. I wanted it to speak to millennials who are looking for authenticity in the church. I thought of my 86-year-old mom who suggested that I have the text font clear and crisp so she wouldn't have a problem reading it. :) I thought of my brother. who continues farming on the land I grew up on. I wanted him to believe the book worthy of a sit-down-and-read (without falling asleep) in the midst of full days on the farm. And, mostly I thought of anyone who needs to be set free from oughts and shoulds, from self-or-others imposed expectations, and those bearing heavy yokes. 

It's a book about freedom, celebrating each other's differences, and mostly, about God's love and grace.