The Weekly/Monthly Person

I am married to a weekly/monthly person. You'll get to know Dennis in Chapter Nine of Unforced Rhythms, "When A Plan Comes Together."

Dennis loves his calendar(s). Believe me, I know. How many times have we sat across from each other, laptops open, looking over the calendar. With frequent travels, it is important to plan, to make sure we're on the same page for future events and engagements, but seasonal gal that I am, it's not long before I begin to let out big sighs, trying to consider life from four to six months out.

D.G 3.jpg

Understanding our unique life rhythm has given us more grace for each other. 

Weekly/monthly people might have a calendar on their desktop, on the wall, on their phone, and on their computer. And, they will use all of them. it might even be marked up with different colors for different categories. Rather than a daily to-do list, the weekly/monthly person may have a whiteboard or large post-it notes on their wall prioritizing the details and assignments that will complete the task at hand. My husband uses small post-it notes to create priorities on a large post-it pad. 

Unlike the daily person, no one day will look alike. What matters is that the plan is moving forward. This is often accomplished by teamwork, something highly valued by the weekly/monthly person. And when a plan comes together, the weekly/monthly person has good reason to celebrate.

My husband has been taking a DAWG (Day Along with God) since his 20's. Weekly/monthly people will find their spiritual sustenance includes longer lengths of time with God at less frequent intervals than every day. A full day with God once a month or a half a day every two weeks fills Dennis up for the weeks ahead and carries him until next time. Sundays are often a refresher in the week-to-week schedule.

Weekly/monthly people anchor themselves in the tasks and goals of work and life. They have the capacity to spin several plates at once, embrace spontaneity, and have the ability to keep life well organized. 

Dennis and I are definitely opposite in personality, strengths, and life rhythm, but I'm so glad to be married to this man of mine, even if it means I sometimes have to be a calendar girl. :)